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Wyoming author Lynn G. Carlson

Meet Lynn

Hi, I'm Lynn.

I have studied creative writing (solo, in writing groups, and in classes) for almost two decades now, and the creative process my whole life.

I'm a tad noncomformist, to be honest. It's a tendency which started early when I refused to pierce my ears in junior high (because all the other girls were doing it), and it continued into adulthood when as a Peace Corps trainee, I got off the plane in Africa clad in a red polka dot dress and wide-brimmed straw hat. I just had to flout the whole khaki-shorts-and-hiking-sandals thing. It caused a stir, I later found out. She'll never make it, they said. I stayed three years.

The noncomformity continues. Most of my peers are retiring now, while I'm just gearing up for a writing career. I mean, why not? We're living longer lives, and (God willing) there's plenty of time left for me to write, publish, and promote.

Oh, and I also chafe at labels, agreeing with Audrey Eldritch (the amateur sleuth protagonist in my as-yet-to-be-published novel) who says, "Labels are for soup cans."

Random Bits


I work at a standing desk in my writing room, surrounded by books, Sharpies, and sticky notes.



My paternal grandparents, and my father, were all in the newspaper business. Writing is in my bloodline. So is proofreading (my first job).

I journal every morning, roughly following the Morning Pages model that Julia Cameron made famous. This ritual is the dirt from which all my creative writing sprouts.

I am shamelessly enthusiastic about a lot of things, with language being highest on the list. I collect verbs and get all wiggly excited when I find glimmery or muscley ones.



I camp with my husband and dog in all kinds of weather for the mere opportunity to stare into a campfire or stand in a swaying aspen grove.